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Powder Coating

Finishes - We offer a number of powder coated finishes.


Standard - single colour top coat.

Two coat - anti rust phosphating coat then colour top coat.

Clear lacquer - can be applied over the standard finish or the two coat finish.

                         - lacquer coating protects and enhances the end finish.

Whats included

Parts are to be free from any plastic, rubber, bearings, excessive dirt, oil, and grease.

Parts received not free of grease & oil will not be covered by any guarantee.


Cast parts such as aluminum as well as clad items such as chrome plated parts may experience “out gassing” which is bubbles in the powder coating caused by gasses escaping the part during curing in the oven. We will take every precaution to avoid this but we cannot be held responsible for any bubbling caused by porous castings or clad items.

Clear coat is REQUIRED over most chromes, metallics, silvers, and certain other colors. Clear coating of any part adds 50% to the price. Multi-stage coatings add 50% per stage.

Colours And Finishes

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The Process

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