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Colours And Finishes

There is a huge range of colours available from powder manufacturers. For cost reasons we stock the most popular ones.


Our two most commonly used colours are Matt Black and Hipca White ( RAL 9910 ) as we purchases these in large quanties we can offer you a very good price.


If you chose a colour which is not on our stocking list, you are able to purchase a small box for your own use. Most powder colours are known by their RAL numbers. There is also a smaller range known by BS numbers. We keep colour charts here for you to look at or as a guide try a search engine on the internet such as Google with the words RAL colours or BS colours.



Most, but not all powders are available in matt, semi-gloss or full gloss finishes.

There are special metallic and candy colours available, even fluorescent. Should you wish to have a specific colour matched outside our standard range this can be accommodated for a premium to cover one-off powder purchases.